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Upgrading Wordpress Plugins

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This post will describe the process of upgrading any plugins installed. Most of the time installing manually is more reliable and is recommended (spending 30 minutes fixing a problem that Wordpress created or spending 5 minutes doing it yourself).

How to Upgrade Wordpress Plugins

  1. From the Dashboard, click "Plugins" on the left hand navigation bar.
    • Quick Tip: A number in a circle should inform you how many, if any, plugins need upgrading.
  2. On this page, you should see a list of plugins. Ones that need to be updated should be highlighted with a box below them informing you of this.
    • Upgrade Automatically
      1. Click "Upgrade Automatically" underneath the desired plugin.
      2. Fill out the FTP information, and click "Proceed". After this, you will be waiting a bit. Don't close anything.
      3. If this works, life is good. If not, move on to "Upgrade Manually".
    • Upgrade Manually
      1. Click "View version x.x.x Details" underneath the desired plugin.
      2. From this new page, click " Plugin Page" on the right hand navigation bar.
      3. From the page, click the orange "Download" button on the right hand navigation bar.
      4. Extract the file.
      5. Using a FTP client, upload the plugin to /public_html/team/wp-content/plugins (if you don't know how to use FTP, look here)
        • Merge the plugin folder (just in case there are any preference files or such though it should be in the database).
          • This is only best unless the plugin says otherwise! Read the README.txt!
  3. A database upgrade may be required, but this all depends on the plugin. Things should be nominal now.

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