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Vice-President of Communications

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The VP of Communications manages the overall communication of the team, oversees Secretary, Webmaster, Social Media Lead, and Historian. Acts as a liaison between mentors and students. Ensures the team's brand is intact at all times.


  • Managing lettering database and email lists
  • Making sure info is getting out such as upcoming meetings, build schedule, etc.
  • Maintain emailing lists each year
    • Because of an issue in 2017, please note that it is optimal to include all personal emails of board members so that they may have flexible access with shared documents in the future.
  • Making sure the website and wiki are updated in a timely fashion
  • Maintaining the attendance clock and member hours
  • Sending out reminds
  • Write up press releases
  • Overseeing the jobs of Secretary, Webmaster, and Historian
  • Training of Secretary, Webmaster, and Historian the summer before their ruling year or at the beginning of the year to ensure smooth functioning of the team


The communication team is responsible for maintaining a constant presence and image for the team in the community. They head all social media updates as well as Syndications. Communications is also responsible for assisting sponsor team with the communication with sponsors.

Communication is a skill the team is constantly growing in. We work hard on keeping our members, parents, and sponsors informed.

Member Communication

In order to keep all of our team informed, we use various platforms to ensure each person is up to date. After each meeting, a syndication is sent out as well as posted on the members only FaceBook page which is also updated with anything that must be asked or shared. Emails are also sent out to team emails During build season, the historian and secretary maintain a blog with day-to-day progress.

Parent and Sponsor Communication

The team maintains a public FaceBook and Twitter Page which is to be updated with major events or going ons in the team. Sponsors are to receive quarterly newsletters at the end of summer, the end of fall VEX qualifier, the end of build season, and the end of competition season.


The team website exists as a hub for communication, linking to anything the team publishes as well as general information about the team. If a person wants to learn more about the Robo Lions, the team website contains everything a sponsor, parent, student, other team, or community person would need.

General Timeline of To-Dos

  • August: After the first combined members' meeting of the year, the Vice-President should begin inputting the names of new members using the new members' sign up into the time clock in order to start tracking hours. As the year progresses and the member's roster stabilizes, we can easily delete members who have not paid dues or turned in necessary forms by a predetermined date set by the Executives team. Make sure that the Vice-President of Communications is teaching the Secretary how to complete these actions.
  • September: The parent's meeting should have already taken place or will be sometimes during the month of September. By this time, all forms and dues should have been turned in and recorded in the spreadsheet maintained by the Vice-President of Business and the Treasurer. The roster should be close to stable by this time as well. However, there are few exceptions such as people who choose not to pay on the night of the parent meeting. In this event, please hold off on deleting any members from the fingerprint scanner and spreadsheet unless they have specifically asked you to do so or notified one of the officers that they will no longer be a member of the team. Also, email addresses should have been made for new members and transferred over the the emailing list from the general The Secretary should also be assisting the Vice-President of Communications with generating new @prhsrobotics email addresses.
  • October: by this time, the member's roster should be finalized and all extraneous members should be removed from any robotics databases. Start sending out the Wiki Biographies Google Form template used by the team each year to make personal biographies of each of the members. Let veterans know that they can change their bio at any point in time if they would like to have it updated.

Fingerprint Scanner Dos and Don'ts

  • Dos:
    • Do backup the database regularly. Once a month or once every two months is a recommended timetable
    • Do get all log as regularly as you back up the database
  • Don’ts
    • NEVER disconnect the device from the laptop if it is in the process of syncing data. This will lead to the program being corrupted
    • In the event that this occurs, you must restore a database backup from before the corruption happened. Granted, you must have manually backed up the device prior to the corruption.

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Previous Vice-Presidents of Communication

 Vice-President of Communications
2023Ananya Saxena
2021Tanay Gupta
2020Rooney C
2019Nehemiah Elias
Kunj Vaghani
2018Nehemiah Elias
2017Jane Khampha
2016Jane Khampha