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2008 Overdrive

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Overdrive logo

Overdrive was the FRC game for 2008.

Game Description

Robots start in their home stretch zone (one side of the field designated for their alliance). Autonomous begins a 15 second period where robots are allowed to drive autonomously across the field while accepting input from human players with IR remote controls in the corner opposite the home stretch. Robots score points by either driving around the track or throwing the large ball over the overpass. After autonomous is over, a two minute teleoperated period ensues where drivers control the robots. No bonus points are allotted in Overdrive.


Points are allotted as follows:

    Hybrid Period Teleoperated Period
Each Robot Crosses Lane Maker 4 points 0 points
Crosses Opponent Finish Line 4 points 0 points
Crosses Alliance Finish Line 4 points 2 points
Each Trackball Removed from Overpass 8 points 0 points
Crosses Alliance Finish Line under Overpass 2 points 2 points
Hurdles Alliance Overpass 8 points 8 points
On Overpass at End of Match n/a 12 points

Field Description

3D Rendering of Overdrive field layout

Overdrive is played on a 27 by 54 ft field which is split longways (i.e. hot dog style) by the lane divider. Cross the entire width of the field is the overpass, a six and a half foot tall structure that holds the eighty inch trackballs for the beginning of the match. Robots are placed in the beginning of the match on their alliance's lane, which would be a particular side of the field.


These are the robots that our team made for this game:

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