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End of the Year Party

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At the end of every robotics season, the Robo Lions have always found someway to celebrate on a good season and year and also to say goodbye to the graduating seniors.

The end of the year party is always different year to year, but the ideas remains the same.


From 2008 to the present year, the team has used the Peachtree Ridge Park pavilion as a location for the party. Renting the pavilion provides an area for food, talking, and any presentations that may occur during the event. The large fields next to the pavilion provide ample room for the club to goof off or play a game of ultimate frisbee.

Before 2008, the club has held the end of the year party at the school in the atrium.

Party Schedule

Generally the schedule of the party includes socializing, awards, and good-byes to the seniors.

Due to the location shift in 2008, physical activities were added before the general awards and presentations occurred. This was not possible pre-2008 due to the cramped location inside Peachtree Ridge's atrium.

In the pre-2008 end of the year party, no food was served other than the possible candy or cake made for the event. The overall pre-2008 partys were much more party-oriented rather than the current relaxed atmosphere.

Gag Awards

Ever year since 2008, gag awards have been given out to various members for whatever funny or notable things they did throughout the year. Generally the gag awards are assembled by a few members (one or two) and presented in a certificate format at the party.

For more information on the gag awards and who has been awarded previously, check here.

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