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Insiya Bambot

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Insiya Bambot
Name Insiya Bambot
Gender Female
Member in Year(s) 2014, 2015, 2016

RoboLion Forum Account 2015, 2016 Insiya Bambot

Insiya Bambot was a freshman when she joined robotics.

What Got You Involved in the Team?

Mostly curiosity. A lot of my friends were also planning on joining, and I was interested in programming, as well as mechanical processes involved in building the robot. Starting off with VEX season kept me motivated and is still my favorite season.

Who is Your Role Model?

I don't have a single role model, but rather a collection certain traits from people I admire. If I stuck to only one person, I wouldn't get to aim for other styles of moving forward, now would I?

What are Your Future Career Plans

Possibly becoming an English teacher, a web developer, or something in between. I really like languages, but I'm also in love with computers.

Interests or Hobbies

Learning Japanese, making DIY organizers out of cardboard, TSA, Robotics, history, calculus

What Other Groups/Clubs Are You Involved In?

TSA, Robotics, History Club

What Are Your Dreams In Life?

To move to Japan and learn the country's language

Favorite Robotics Quote

"What are thoooseee!"- Nabil

Favorite Robotics Moments

The best robotics moment for me was being the Driver Coach at my first VEX competition, because I could help my team and our robot advance all the way to the finals and solve problems (like a trapped buckyball under the arms) for the Drivers, who already had enough on their hands (like a controller :) )