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Nehemiah Elias

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Nehemiah Elias
Name Nehemiah Elias
Gender Male
Member in Year(s) 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Officer Position(s) Held Secretary in 2017
Vice-President of Communications in 2018 and 2019

Nehemiah Elias is a member of the team; he is notorious for saying stupid things for our random quote section. He is often the butt of everyone's jokes, but he knows the team loves him.

What Got You Involved in the Team?

I did FLL robotics in 8th grade, and I really loved doing it. I learned a lot of new things and made a lot of new friends, so I wanted to get that same experience in high school.

Who is Your Role Model?

DJ Khaled is my inspiration. Everything he tells me motivates me in life, and he is the only reason I get up in the morning.He is my self motivation. Whenever he gives out a new key to success, it opens a new door towards my future careers.DJ Khaled is my hopes and my dreams all realized into one great man... No, man is not good enough for him. He is a god. Without him, life is meaningless. DJ Khaled is love, DJ Khaled is life.

What are Your Future Career Plans

Computer Scientist

Interests or Hobbies

Video Games, YouTube, Sleep, Eating Chili Cheese Dogs, Hulu, doing absolutely nothing

What Other Groups/Clubs Are You Involved In?

"I used to be in the high school marching band (whoopee.....................................................................*insert ""How Could this Happen to Me*) link: "

What Are Your Dreams In Life?

I wish to finish my mixtape, "Syrian Spaghetti" one day, and I would like to go to Georgia Tech undergraduate and get a degree a Computer Science.

Favorite Robotics Quote

"Why do you have to be so rough with my hot dog?" -Nabil Khan

Favorite Robotics Moments

VEX Tournament

Anything special you'd like to add about yourself?

I am secretly holding a GMO revolution in which the superweeds will rise again.