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Rithik Raina

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Rithik Raina
Name Rithik Raina
Gender Male
Member in Year(s) 2016, 2017
Officer Position(s) Held Treasurer in 2017

Rithik Raina: "Most likely to die of yellow fever "

What Got You Involved in the Team?

I wanted to get involved with this team because of how fascinating the idea of robotics is. Also, many of my friends had joined as well, so it was a great opportunity to get to hangout with each other.

Who is Your Role Model?

My parents because they are always working to provide for me and my family to make sure that we have a good life.

What are Your Future Career Plans

I plan to go into the medical field.

Interests or Hobbies


What Other Groups/Clubs Are You Involved In?

HOSA, FBLA, beta

What Are Your Dreams In Life?

My aspirations in life are to be happy. Right now at this young of an age, I may not know what I specifically want to do at this moment, but whatever I choose to do, I will always keep in mind that I want to be happy.

Favorite Robotics Quote

"Hey, shut up little boy" -Nabil Khan

Favorite Robotics Moments

At GRITS where we cheered on our team.

Anything special you'd like to add about yourself?