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As the wiki is always in motion, there are always things to do. This page lists a few of the general topics that have been narrowed down as things to do.

The list below is the current things that need to be done.

Robot Information

Information on FTC/VEX robots needs to be obtained. The following things need to be obtained.

  • Pictures
  • Names
  • Functionality (i.e. mechanics, systems, programming, controls, etc)

FRC robots also need complete information including:

  • Pictures
  • Functionality (i.e. mechanics, systems, programming, controls, etc)

Variables Extension

Install the Variables Extension.

This extension allows pages to have variables so, for example, a year variable can defined on any year page (such as 2010) and the variable can be used throughout the page. This would remove the tendency to forget to change the year when starting a new year page from the Page Premises.


Create templates for infobox so it is easier to create them. The current Infobox templates are independent and kinda look ugly now and then. They're really just strange.

Programming Source Code

Add programming source for each year. Suggested by Matt Newcomb.

Wiki Bot

Possibly make a wiki bot to do some cleaning up/consistency stuff.

Possible use in tagging any files/documents in Media with a Category:Media tag? If so, it may be possible to use Wikibot and some regex.
(?<=\[\[:[Ff]ile:).+?(?= |\]\])
Or we could just do it by hand. Tanner Smith 21:15, 24 May 2010 (UTC)

MediaWiki Skins

Consider using another skin; something to match the website and/or look a bit more customized and robotic-esque.