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The Syndication is the weekly newsletter of Team 1261, written by the secretary of the team. Started by Paul Han, the newsletter encompasses all of the information from the meeting for use by the members. The Syndication is currently available via email subscription and forum.

Tips on How to Write an Effective Team Syndication

  • Keep it concise but detailed i.e. bullet point style, but elaborate with sub bullets
  • Must answer who, what, where, when, and how about a team decision or plan of action
  • Bright highlighting and font is best used for emphasis, such as dates or important people involved
  • At the top of the email, it is preferred that the Secretary makes a bulleted table of contents so the audience can expect what the syndication will discuss and in what order each item will be discussed
  • These emails can be fun by use of colors and fonts, but must be written in mature/developed language
  • Reread the email to fix any typos you may have missed or for any false information. You are not alone; the Secretary should be able to always depend on the entire officer team to help him/her out in case he/she needs any more information about a certain topic. However, the first person the Secretary should report to is the Vice-President of Communications

Tips on How to Write an Effective Officer Syndication

  • Same as above
  • We find it best to color code names to make it easier for each officer to be reminded of their responsibilities
  • On the day of the officer meeting, it is suggested that the Secretary hook up his/her laptop to a projector to broadcast that meeting's agenda and type directly into that google doc. This way everyone can see exactly what is being typed and, in the event that the Secretary missed something, a fellow officer will take notice and point out the omitted information.
  • The Vice-President of Communications will also help the Secretary for the first few couple of weeks while the Secretary is being inducted to fix any typos, and grant wisdom on how to write a proper email
  • These emails should be a tad more formal as the audience has changed from the whole team to mentors and officers.