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Joel Leonardo working on his VEX robot.


This is the random image selector that is shown on the main page. Every time you refresh a page with this template a different photo will show up.

Adding Images

Before you add images, please make sure they are school appropriate.

To add your favorite images, click the edit button on the top toolbar (Make sure the image in question has been uploaded to the wiki). From there, add the image in <option></option> tags. From there, add a <br>, which skips a line. Now enter your desired caption, but make sure it is inside this div tag: <div style = "text-align:center"></div>. It's probably better for you to just see how to add it.

Alternatively, send photos to and they will be added eventually.


 <option>[[File:ImageName.png|300px|center]]<br><div style = "text-align:center">Caption relating to image.</div></option>

Add that code under all the existing images inside the <choose></choose> tags, but replace any placeholder info with your image info.