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Here lies the history of the team hats. The list here is sorted by year.


The 2010 hats was a shift in color back to the original Peachtree Ridge school colors of blue and white. The back of the hat featured Motorola logo. The hat was designed by Fred Smith.

Front of the 2010 hat
Back of the 2010 hat


The 2009 hats were identical to the 2008 plain hats.


The year 2008 was the first year hats were made. There were two different styles, plain and plain with additions. Plain was the first design made. The hats were designed by Fred Smith.


The plain hat simply featured the circuit lion with "Peachtree Ridge Robo Lions" with "Robo Lions 1261" on the back.

Front of the 2008 hat
Back of the 2008 hat

Plain with Additions

The plain with additions hat had the same front as the plain hat, though it had the Peachtree Regional logo off to the right side of the hat and the Palmetto Regional logo off to the left side of the hat. The back of the hat contained the same "Robo Lions 1261" text as the plain hat though with the additions of "Championship 2008" and the FIRST logo.

Front of the 2008 hat
Back of the 2008 hat


No hats existed before 2008.