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In 2009, the Robo Lions participated in both FRC and FTC.

Robo Lions at Championships hosted at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta



Fall Activities


For the fall season, instead of playing a normal VEX competition to teach the new members, Randy Havner thought it would be fun to build a one-third scale version of the FRC game and play that instead.

FIRST Robotics Competition


This year's FRC game was Lunacy.


This year the Robo Lions built two robots throughout the season. One design was dubbed "Clean Sweep" and the other the "Logan Rover". Both were brought to scrimmage upon where it was decided that the Logan Rover would be the final choice for our team to ship and use at regionals.

Field Crew


The Robo Lions attended both the Peachtree Regional and the Palmetto Regional. Championships was also attended asthe teampaid our way in. The team also attended the G.R.I.T.S. off-season regional at Warner-Robbins.

Peachtree Regional

At the Peachtree Regional,the teamgot to the semi-finals with 1311 and 57 .

Palmetto Regional

At the Palmetto Regional, the Robo Lions were chosen by 1746 . The alliance of the Robo Lions, the Forsyth Alliance, and 1051 made it as far as the semi-finals.

The team's final ranking was 42nd out of 44 teams, with a win-loss-tie ratio of 1-8-0.<ref>Official FIRST 2009 Palmetto Rankings</ref>


For the Peachtree Regional social, the team hosted their own social at Jarrod Leddy's house. There the team played XBox 360 in a movie room while enjoying ping pong, Rock Band, and card games. The day was also Daniel Peterson's birthday.



At the off season regional G.R.I.T.S.,the teamfought on in the first annual competition eventually winning the regional.


In 2009, the team didn't win any awards at any regionals.

Summer Activities

Camp Invention

Over the summer the team took the Logan Rover and a kit bot chassis over to Mason Elementary[Citation Needed] to show the kids at Camp Invention what robotics is all about.

For pictures of this visit, click here.

FIRST Technical Challenge


The team built a robot named "Optimus Prime" that could score in the five point goals as well as get theirselves on and off the field.

They attended the Georgia FTC Tournament where they were alliance captains of the 7th seeded alliance, but they were eliminated in the Semi-Finals.



The FTC game was called Face Off in which robots scored hockey pucks from racks on the side of the field to goals worth either three or five points. Teams could get additional points for getting their robot outside the field.

Off-Season Activities

Here are off-season activities that the team participated in or held while the competing season was not occurring.

Governor Bill

The members that attended posing with Governor Sonny Perdue in his office.

In April, the team attended a bill signing at the Georgia Capitol. Governor Sonny Perdue was signing a bill that will increase the pay for certified math and science teachers in the state. The team along with several other FIRST teams drove the robot and witnessed the bill signing.

Teams that attended the event were:

  • 1261
  • 1771
  • 1311
  • 3091
  • 1002 (FTC)
  • 679 (FTC)
  • 1746



  • Number of Members: 30 (Recorded 46)
  • Number of Female Members: 6 (Recorded 16)
  • Number of Male Members: 24 (Recorded 30)
  • Number of Mentors: 8 (Recorded 3)
  • Number of Freshmen: 6 (Recorded 11)
  • Number of Sophomores: 6 (Recorded 12)
  • Number of Juniors: 8 (Recorded 14)
  • Number of Seniors: 9 (Recorded 8)

Data from TIMS

  • Number of Female Members: 15
  • Number of Male Members: 44
  • Number of Engineers & Technicians: 4
  • Number of Teachers on Team: 2
  • Number of Non-Technical Professionals: 1
  • Number of University Faculty Mentors: 0
  • Number of University Student Mentors: 0
  • Percent of School Students Receiving Free or Reduced Lunch: 0.00%
  • Percent of Black Members: 6.80%
  • Percent of White Members: 46.00%
  • Percent of Hispanic Members: 1.70%
  • Percent of Native American Members: 3.40%
  • Percent of Asian Members: 39.00%
  • Percent of Other Ethnicity Members: 3.40%
  • Number of High School Freshman Members: 18
  • Number of High School Sophomores Members: 15
  • Number of High School Juniors Members: 15
  • Number of High School Seniors Members: 11





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