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Robo Lions Website

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This is a page dedicated to the team website:

The team website is the single source for team members and non-team members including parents and sponsors. The site usually contains information about FIRST, the team, the robots, and history about the team. The website subteam try to do their best to include these items in the website.


2009 to 2013

The robotics website for 2014.

From circa 2009 to 2014, the site has used the WordPress platform.


It is unknown what was used though using e107 was experimented with by Michael Ruddy.


The robotics website for 2007.

Before the 2007 season, the site was custom made by Matthew Newcomb. The site was put together using a custom made template system that wrapped a header, footer, and sidebar around the content.

2004 to 2007

Not much is known about the site before 2007.

The website may have used this template.


Every year prior to 2013, FIRST offered a Website Design Award for teams that build and provide the best websites for others to enjoy. The team did not win this award.

In 2013, FIRST changed the website award to the Media and Technology Innovation Award, sponsored by Comcast.

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