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Tanner Smith

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Tanner Smith
Name Tanner Smith
Gender Male
Member in Year(s) 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Mentor in Year(s) 2011, 2012
Officer Position(s) Held President in 2010
Vice-President 2009
Secretary and Historian in 2008
College Georgia Tech
RoboWiki Account [[::User:Tanner|Tanner]] ([[::User talk:Tanner|talk]] · [[::Special:Contributions/Tanner|contribs]])
RoboLion Forum Account Tanner Smith

Tanner Smith was a member of robotics. He was known for his knack for programming and being the team's paparazzi. He is also known for having funny comments in his programming.

Tanner came up with the idea for and initially populated the RoboWiki with several hundred articles.


In 2010, Tanner won the Dean's List award at the Peachtree Regional.

What Got You Involved On the Team?

It was the first weekend before my freshman year. It was that meet your teachers and there were some clubs available. In the cafeteria, in front of where the PRHS in-school store was, stood Michael Strain and Valarie Strain. All they had up was a poster board. I don't remember a robot, but it might have been there. I ended up talking to them and it was something I definitely wanted to do. I don't think I put my email in for anything, I was just told to watch for meetings.

So, it was robotics. I wanted to program big scary machines.

Who is Your Role Model? Why?

I don't know who my role model is now.

Why be aim to be a specific person when you can just pick and choose their best qualities and be the rest yourself?

Who is Your Student Role Model?

Uh, if I answer of people I thought then were my student role model I'd either say Hanna Lin or some combination of Michael Strain and Stephen Mihalko.

What Are Your Future Career Plans?

I'm comfortable where I am now.

Favorite Robotics Quote

Favorite Robotics Moment

Current Occupation with Company Name

Software Engineer - Apple, Inc.

==Past Occupations with Company Names "Oh, they're totally not cool.

One summer I spent the afternoons printing designs on t-shirts using a special ""t-shirt"" ink-jet printer. It was cool, but not my thing.

Another summer I spent at a hardware store taking inventory of all their screws, bolts, and other small parts. Super exciting."

In what way has robotics helped you thus far?

Let's see. I don't really want to be boring here, so let's keep this short. We all want to eat dinner.

1) Taught me how to work in groups and communicate with people who I sometimes didn't like. 2) Everyone has to do the boring stuff at some point. 3) If you can enjoy doing it, then it's not hard work. Make it fun. 4) I think I got into college, because of robotics. But you can't just "do robotics" and just sit there following the IKEA-like instructions other people give you. 5) Robotics is fun. You'll have a lot of stories about it. And when you talk about it to other people, they'll wish their school had it.