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This is the page for the 2022 Year.




Pre-Season (Fall 2021)

During the 2021 pre-season, the mechanical subteam’s main project was building and CADing our Steve robot based on Team 2220’s 2020 robot. Programming followed this training schedule and learned about the basics of FRC programming and how to program common subsystems. Business organized the fall outreach parades and FLL mentoring.


For GRITS, we took our 2020 robot to the competition.

Fall Outreach Events

Suwanee Day Parade


Duluth Fall Festival


Trunk Or Treat


Competition Season




Drive Team



Our first competition in the 2022 Season was at the Frank G. Lumpkin Jr. Center in Columbus, GA from Thursday, March 17 to Saturday, March 19, 2022. As the alliance captain for Alliance 2, we managed to become finalist, becoming 2nd place out of 25 teams.



Peachtree District State Championships

The team attended the Peachtree District State Championship in the Hawkins Area at Macon, GA on April 7th through April 9th. We were once again finalist at this event as Alliance 3's alliance captain, partnering with teams 4188 and 8080.

FIRST World Championships

Due to our performance at our previous competitions, we managed to qualify for the 2022 World Championships in Houston, Texas. Unlike previous years where there were championship events each held in Houston and Detroit, there was only one world championship event in Houston with 459 total teams participating. We competed in the Turing Division, and while we weren't picked to compete in the playoffs, we were motivated to perform better than ever next competition season.





  • Number of Members: 21
  • Number of Female Members: 9
  • Number of Male Members: 12
  • Number of Mentors: 4
  • Number of Freshmen: 3
  • Number of Sophomores: 2
  • Number of Juniors: 5
  • Number of Seniors: 3


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