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This is the page for the 2023 Year.




Pre-Season (Fall 2022)

After a great interest meeting with over 40 students attending, our team had 35 members total: 17 veterans and 18 rookies.

Training began with the rookies staying as one big group. After two meetings with programming, two meetings with build, and one meeting with business, the rookies decided what subteam to join. See our 2022 training schedule and detailed plans for the specifics of what rookies learned before Kickoff.


For our pre-season competition, GRITS, the team modified DOM by redesigning the intake, implementing a new auto structure using Path Planner, and using the Falcon 500’s internal PID loops on the drivetrain and shooter. We also ordered 8 SDS MK4i L2 modules!

Fall Outreach Events

Suwanee Day Parade

The team participated in the 2022 Suwannee Day Parade, themed The Greatest in the Galaxy. With a custom designed space ship float, and various space and sci-fi props including alien headbands, space blasters, and star-shaped props, the team passed out candy to the children watching. During the parade, the team also shot out t-shirts out of Jeff into the crowd.

Duluth Fall Festival

Trunk Or Treat

Trunk or Treat was a PRHS event where teams and clubs set up trunks and handed out candy to younger students in the district. They also brought their DOM robot as a showcase and used it as an opportunity for outreach.



  • Number of Members: 37
  • Number of Female Members: 13
  • Number of Male Members: 24
  • Number of Mentors: 7
  • Number of Freshmen: 8
  • Number of Sophomores: 6
  • Number of Juniors: 6
  • Number of Seniors: 6


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