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Chronicles were initially a history-keeping practice created by Randy Havner in 2008.

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The idea of the chronicles was to have the executives write down their thoughts and ideas that helped them through the year into a chronicle entry. These entries would then be placed into a large book where entries could be read and interpreted. The book would then be managed by the teacher sponsor and hence be passed from year to year.

Since the creation of the chronicles, the idea has since been warped into a idea of historical data that is helpful for future members of the club. Members are no longer obligated to add data, but it is helpful.


The chronicles were initially encouraged in 2008, although their actual practice and submission was not exactly regular and dependable. There was no where to put the information so the initial chronicle entries disappeared.

The idea was originally called the "Legacy Books", though the name was changed by Tanner Smith in 2010.

In 2013, a similar idea was revitalized by team member Ryan Mar, who called it the "Robotics Bible." The location, status and contents of this Bible are currently unknown, but new efforts are being put forth towards the original Chronicle entries on the Wiki instead.