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The team t-shirt is the way the team is displayed to others at a regional. It is how the team identifies themselves along with the sponsors.

Here lies the history of the team t-shirts. The list here is sorted by year.


In 2016, the team's leadership were each granted a Peachtree Ridge Lapel Pin, which they proudly wear on the collars on their 2014 Worlds Polo.

2016 Lapel Pin


The 2015 shirt was a revamped version of both the 2013 and the 2014 shirt, with brighter colors and updated sponsor logos on the back.

2015 shirt front
2015 shirt back


The 2014 shirt was kept the same as the year before. In addition to this team shirt, the Robo Lions created the Worlds shirt when they attended the FRC Worlds Competition in St. Louis, MO.

2014 worlds shirt front
2014 worlds shirt back
2014 worlds shirt sleeves


The 2013 shirt is royal blue with a new Robo Lions logo in the front with the team number 1261 in the top right hand corner and the front half of the lion like the face of a lion and the back half a digitized mane. The back has the sponsors printed in white and scattered. The 2013 shirt was designed by Katherine Li.

2013 shirt front
2013 shirt back
2013 hoodie front


The 2012 shirt was the same as the 2011 shirt.


The 2011 shirt.

2011 shirt front
2011 shirt back


The 2010 shirt reverted back to the school colors of blue and white from the team's line of black colored shirts. The shirt was a baseball style shirt with sleeves at the forearm. The shoulders/sleeves were blue with the rest of the shirt being white.

The shirt was designed by Daniel Peterson.

2010 shirt front
2010 shirt back


The 2009 shirt was a simple shirt going for only left chest artwork instead of having the entire front side of the shirt being filled with artwork. On the artwork was the circuit lion with the words "Peachtree Ridge High School" above the lion and "Team 1261 Robo Lions" below.

The back of the shirt contained "1261" in big print with "Robo Lions" below the team number curved slightly. The rest of the back contained the various sponsors for 2009.

The shirt was designed by Daniel Peterson.

2009 shirt front
2009 shirt back


The front of the 2008 shirt was full of a grid-like artwork design with red borders. On the front of the shirt was "1261" on the right side written vertically along with the circuit lion to the left and "Peachtree Ridge High School Robo Lions" written above the lion.

The shirt itself was a dark blue and featured the FIRST Overdrive logo on the outside of the right shoulder.

The back of the shirt contained "1261" in large text above a very large Motorola logo along with other sponsors for 2008.

The shirt was designed by Daniel Peterson.

2008 shirt front
2008 shirt back


The 2007 shirt was perhaps the start of the black/dark shirt era for the team. The front of the shirt had "Team 1261" written sideways on the right side of the front along with the circuit lion with "PRHS Robotics" below in the center.

On the left shoulder of the shirt was a small guitar hero controller image above the text "FIRST Rack 'n Roll '08".

The back of the shirt contained "1261" above the various sponsors for 2007.

The shirt was designed by Michael Ruddy.

2007 shirt front
2007 shirt back


The 2006 shirt is very similar to the 2005 shirt in regards to the artwork on the front of the shirt and color.

The back of the shirt still contained no text relating to the team number, only containing the various sponsors for 2005.

2006 shirt front
2006 shirt back


The 2005 shirt was the first custom shirt for the team.

The shirt was a natural blue color with a metal lion logo enclosed in a box on the front of the shirt screen printed in red and white.

The back of the shirt contained no text relating to the team number, only containing the various sponsors for 2005.

2005 shirt front
2005 shirt back


In 2004, there was no custom team shirt. Members were encouraged to wear blue shirts during the Peachtree Regional.[Citation Needed]