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Vice-President of Business

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The Vice-President of Business position, commonly abbreviated as VP of Business, was created at the end of 2013 with the role of Vice-President being divided up. The VP of Business is responsible for the fundraising and moneymaking aspect of the club. As such, this position commonly works in conjunction with the Treasurer.

The VP of Business was also formerly responsible for Outreach tasks as well. However, this later proved to be too much for 1 person to handle, and thus the Vice-President of Outreach position was made in 2016.

Job Requirements

The VP of Business must have some experience on the Business Team. Accordingly, rookies cannot apply for this role. He or she must also be very adept at speaking professionally and with speaking to adults in a normal manner, whether in person or over-the-phone. They must also be fairly experienced with formal writing for use in grants and business letters. Lastly, they must be able to teach other members of the Business team, as well as assigning tasks to members efficiently.


With being responsible for fundraising, the VP of Business is responsible for:

  • Raising money through sponsorships, which includes:
    • Contacting previous sponsors
    • Researching potential new sponsors
    • Emailing and cold-calling potential sponsors
    • Organizing meetings with sponsors if necessary
  • Writing/Overseeing the grant-writing process:
    • Looking for grants to apply for
    • Teaching members efficient grant-writing
    • Asking for mentor-feedback on grants before submission
  • Planning car washes
  • Teaching Business Team members about interacting with businessmen/businesswomen
  • Maintaining spreadsheets at the beginning of the year relating to new members as well as paper forms and dues collected by the members
  • Most importantly: assigning any of the above tasks to other Business Team members and setting deadlines when necessary.

Previous Vice-Presidents of Business

 Vice-President of Business
2023Eryn Cardichon
2022Nadia Bozeman
2021Nadia Bozeman
2020Nadia Bozeman
2019Poojan Raval
Joey Costello
2018Eden Jung
2017Nawar Khan
2016Nawar Khan
2015Caroline Means
2014Jay Krishnaswamy