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Vice-President of VEX

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The Vice-President of VEX was one of the officer positions created at end of the 2013 season along with the Vice-President of FRC and the Vice-President of Business from the former Vice-President position. It is also abbreviated as the VP of VEX. The VP of VEX must help regulate, manage, and represent the team during the fall VEX season.

Job Requirements

As the VP of VEX is responsible for VEX as a whole, they must have previous experience with VEX. It is for this reason rookies cannot apply for this role. Basic leadership and communication skills are also necessary.


While being in charge of the VEX season, the VP of VEX is responsible for:

  • Managing and assigning team leaders.
  • Making sure teams are up to schedule.
  • Controlling inventory and supply.
  • Planning and running the Robots at Ridge event.
  • Setting up programming classes for VEX.
  • Delegating a veteran member (preferably a sophomore or junior) to create VEX rules quizzes.

VEX Rules Quizzes Formatting

  • Make it easy to understand, do not just copy and paste from the VEX Rules Manual. The manual has a tendency to use large words or have lengthy answer descriptions. Make your answers short and easy to understand
  • Mix in a variety of T/F, Multiple Choice, or Short Answer
  • At the beginning of the VEX season, the questions should start off general and gradually get more and more specific as competition nears.
  • Think of possible strategical questions you should be asking teams, such as what is and is not allowed in the game, specify at which times can certain actions be performed, and how the qualifying and playoff rounds will work.

2016 VEX Rules Quiz Challenge

In [2016], the team decided to make knowing the VEX rules a fun competition amongst the VEX team members. The quizzer will be going around to each team, and ask each team member one question aside from the VEX Team Leader. The quizzer will tally up how many questions the team as a whole got correct out of how many members are on that VEX team (we usually try to divide up the members equally but the math isn't always so pretty). At the end of the season, the team with the highest average will be awarded with a pizza party instead of general snacks after general Tuesday meetings.

Previous Vice-Presidents of VEX

 Vice-President of VEX
2017Joel Leonardo
2016Preston Shaw
2015Nicholas Allison
2014Nicholas Allison