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Vice-President of FRC

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The Vice-President of FRC, also abbreviated as VP of FRC, was created in 2013 with the Vice-President of VEX and the Vice-President of Business from the dissolved Vice-President position. The VP of FRC is usually the person in charge for all matters relating to FRC.

Job Requirements

The VP of FRC, as stated, is responsible for all FRC matters; as such, they must have ample experience with FRC. It is for this reason that rookies cannot apply for this position.

This person must have basic leadership skills; during the spring, the VP of FRC will lead most meetings and large discussions. They also must be fairly adept in planning and organizing; FRC is a huge process filled with many divisions. Keeping track of everything is essential.


In being responsible for FRC management, the VP of FRC is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the general Robot build
  • Making sure that all sub-teams communicate properly (programming, manipulators, drive)
  • Assigning roles (such as scouting) for tournaments
  • Training future safety captains and scouts

During the fall, the VP of FRC has some smaller roles for preparing for the FRC season, such as overlooking CAD and Programming classes.

Previous Vice-Presidents of FRC

 Vice-President of FRC
2023Kevin Hoang
2022Siddarth Prasanna
2021Siddarth Prasanna
2020Siddarth Prasanna
2019Emily Winters
2018Sana Hafeez
2017Natalie Luong
2016Mackenzie Glaser
2015Tammy Ong
Mackenzie Glaser
2014Andrew Bare