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Historian is an officer position that, as the name suggests, documents the club's history. In a sense, it is more of a job than an officer position.

The job of the historian is open to any upperclassmen, specifically aimed towards sophomores or juniors.

Job Requirements

The job requirements of the historian are:

  • Record everything that is robotics related, mainly by taking pictures or videos
  • Updating the team's social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube)
  • Updating the RoboWiki
  • Putting together End of Season Videos for both the Fall and Spring seasons


The job of the historian requires dedication. This means that the historian will be focusing some length of time towards recording video or taking pictures. It is not something easy to do, but it does mean that whenever something "fun" is going on in robotics, it is probably a good moment to take a bit of that fun time and whip out a camera.

This also means when the Historian is busy or unable to attend an event, they should assign someone else to take photos in their absence.

Does this mean that the only time to take pictures or video is when the team is having fun? No. Sometimes the job can be something as quick as taking a round around the room taking pictures of the groups working every so often. Spending a few seconds or minutes with a group can provide the historian with the moments that allow the historian to record what the team is doing.


The historian will be required to own a camera or be able to access a camera (an iPhone camera will suffice). Aside from that, the Historian should have internet access for editing the RoboWiki and uploading photos to social media.

Overall, never go anywhere without a camera and always be ready. Always. The stuff the historian records will end up providing laughs and the ability to look back on the season so give the team something to look back on.

Previous Historians

2017Poojan Raval
2016Rebeca Rodila
2015Daniel Li
2014Nina Tran
Daniel Li
2013Jai Patel
2012Brittany Davis
2011Andrew Shaw
2010Samir Jain
2009Bradley McKellar
2008Tanner Smith