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Executives, also known as Officers are perhaps the backbone of the robotics club. They are what keeps the robotics team in good order and making sure all its many parts are working well together. Starting in 2015 in preparation for the 2016 season, a variety of different officer positions were created due to numerous responsibilities that had been brought to light. There are the elected positions, where students must undergo interviews with the mentors as well as prepare a speech in front of the team, explaining their proposals and ideas for the upcoming season. The votes are weighed 85% student and 15% mentor.

Current Elected Officer Positions

Starting in 2016, Elected Officers got a PRHS pin to keep on the world's shirts' collars, and it is passed down to the next generation of elected officers the next year.

Current Appointed Positions

These positions are hand-picked by the elected officers and mentors.

In addition, the VEX Team Leader isn't specifically an appointed position but includes people who volunteered to lead VEX teams and are chosen by the VP of VEX.

Former/Dissolved Officer Positions

What It Means to be An Executive

An executive is one of the many positions that lead the robotics team and club. There are separate pages that go more into what each of those positions does.

What does this all mean to be an executive?

Being a executive in the club is not only about making sure that a robot is built within the six weeks, it is about being a leader. It is about being a lot of things, but an executive often learns a few more things about what it means to be an executive by the time the season is over. Being a leader is important as they are the main representative of the club, they are the person who everyone looks up to. There will be times when building the robot isn't as simple as building a robot should be. Their actions during that period will show who they are. Their actions during a period of crunch time shows others how to act when the team has five minutes before the next match and eight different things that need to be fixed.

In short, being a executive is about leading and setting an example.


All executives are voted into office by popular vote. Before every election, nominees must send in their resumes in for the club to look over them. The general content included in a resume is:

  • Name
  • Grade
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Desired Position
  • List of other club participation
  • Nominee's Strengths
  • Nominee's Weaknesses
  • Proposals if nominee is elected

Usually a week is allowed between the time nominees can send in their resumes and the time that elections begin.

A election is held like any other meeting, occupied by all members of the team. Nominees will be brought up where upon they will each give short 30 second to 2 minute speeches on why they should be voted for the position they want to go into. From there, a current executive or mentor will make the final list of who is running for what position for where the members of the club will look at to choose who to vote for.

Votes will be taken on any number of mediums, but most often it is a sheet of paper with the name of the nominee the member votes for next to the name of the position. Note that mentors are not allowed to vote in the election, only pre-college team members are allowed to vote. Votes are taken up after all members have voted, and tabulated by the current executives or mentors. Winners of the election are often revealed starting from the Treasurer position leading up to the President and Vice-President positions.

Weekly Executives Meetings

Every Friday, the executives of the year meet to discuss matters on upcoming tasks and need-to-do's. The President is responsible for creating the meeting agenda and sharing it with the Officers so that they may add any necessary matters to the document. The Secretary is responsible for attending each meeting and taking notes about everything that is discussed during the meeting in order to draft an email to send out to officers, the team's board of directors, and the team mentors.

As of 2017, only the President and the 5 Vice Presidents of the Club are required to attend the weekly meeting in order to more efficiently carry out the meeting. The junior executives of the club are not required to attend these meetings unless a matter on the week's agenda pertains to them.

History of Executives

Executives are listed by the years that the team participated in FIRST Robotics Competition.

 PresidentVice-President of FRCVice-President of VEXVice-President of BusinessVice-President of OutreachVice-President of CommunicationsVice-PresidentSecretaryTreasurerHistorianProgramming LeadWebmasterCAD Lead
2023Katie WangKevin HoangEryn CardichonAmani SiddiqiAnanya SaxenaMaika HirataShrey Patel
2022Neda OromiSiddarth PrasannaNadia BozemanKatie WangZahid Omar
2021Joey CostelloSiddarth PrasannaNadia BozemanTanay GuptaAva ByrdNoah DillardNeda Oromi
2020Joey CostelloSiddarth PrasannaNadia BozemanOmkar JoshiRooney CAva ByrdNoah DillardNeda Oromi
2019Natalie LuongEmily WintersPoojan Raval
Joey Costello
Aarnav Saxena
Omkar Joshi
Nehemiah Elias
Kunj Vaghani
Tejas Shah
Ian Yelle
Evan Lee
2018Poojan Raval
Natalie Luong
Sana HafeezEden JungAarnav SaxenaNehemiah EliasSumedh Garimella
McKinley Freelon
Evan Lee
2017Mackenzie GlaserNatalie LuongJoel LeonardoNawar KhanCaroline MeansJane KhamphaNehemiah EliasRithik RainaPoojan RavalChris CarlsonSumaer SahneyNeil Penning
2016Nabil KhanMackenzie GlaserPreston ShawNawar KhanCaroline MeansJane KhamphaJane KhamphaSumedh GarimellaRebeca RodilaRishov SarkarSumaer Sahney
2015Jay KrishnaswamyTammy Ong
Mackenzie Glaser
Nicholas AllisonCaroline MeansNina TranNabil KhanDaniel Li
2014Rikhil ShahAndrew BareNicholas AllisonJay KrishnaswamyDhara BhalaniTammy OngNina Tran
Daniel Li
2013Andrew ShawJay Krishnaswamy
Layne Denton
Daniel LiNicholas AllisonJai Patel
2012Sehyun HanAndrew ShawBailey BercikRyan MarBrittany Davis
2011Logan SuKatherine LiSehyun HanDeepan MehtaAndrew Shaw
2010Tanner SmithLogan SuTyler ThorntonBrittany DavisSamir Jain
2009Stephen MihalkoSunny Gupta
Tanner Smith
Kenny JohnsonSarah HaddadBradley McKellar
2008Keefer DunnYnahteB RenmusTanner SmithTanner Smith
2007Michael StrainKeefer DunnYnahteB RenmusYnahteB Renmus
2006Matthew NewcombMichael StrainSarah SillsJohn Bentley
2005Liang Yi Zhao
2004Brandon Adams
Sean Macikowski